Hole C0001B Split Core Image, Expedition 314


The MSCL-I scans the surface of a split core and creates its digital image. The line scan camera equips three charge coupled devices (CCD). Light reflection from the sample surface passes through the lens and is split into three paths (red, green and blue) by a beam splitter inside the line scan camera. Then, each reflection is detected by the corresponding CCD. Finally, the signals are combined and the digital image is reproduced. Optical distortion in the down-core direction is avoided by the precise movement of the camera. The spatial resolution is 100 pixels per cm. The software convergence applies a correction that compensates for any minor mechanical differences among the CCD responses. Black and White (B+W) calibration compensates for pixel-to-pixel response variation, uneven lighting, and lens effects. Lenses tend to darken the edges of the field of view.

Image file

The filename of a ZIP file consists of section identifier.

lost data

Split section images for some sections were mistaken to archive while they were measured. Empty files whose names end with .lost indicate such sections.

Data Index

See also data in the J-CORES database for the same hole to refer related information.

Section Raw Image (length in bytes)
C0001B-1H-1 tif.zip (15M)
C0001B-1H-2 tif.zip (20M)
C0001B-1H-CC tif.zip (7.5M)
C0001B-2H-1 tif.zip (22M)
C0001B-2H-2 tif.zip (23M)
C0001B-2H-3 tif.zip (24M)
C0001B-2H-4 tif.zip (25M)
C0001B-2H-5 tif.zip (22M)
C0001B-2H-6 tif.zip (23M)
C0001B-2H-7 tif.zip (9.9M)
C0001B-2H-CC tif.zip (7.1M)
C0001B-3H-1 tif.zip (22M)
C0001B-3H-2 tif.zip (23M)
C0001B-3H-3 tif.zip (22M)
C0001B-3H-4 tif.zip (25M)
C0001B-3H-5 tif.zip (25M)
C0001B-3H-6 tif.zip (22M)
C0001B-3H-7 tif.zip (12M)
C0001B-3H-CC tif.zip (7.6M)
C0001B-4H-1 tif.zip (23M)
C0001B-4H-2 tif.zip (22M)
C0001B-4H-3 tif.zip (22M)
C0001B-4H-4 tif.zip (22M)
C0001B-4H-5 tif.zip (25M)
C0001B-4H-6 tif.zip (23M)
C0001B-4H-7 tif.zip (9.1M)
C0001B-4H-CC tif.zip (5.9M)
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