Hole C0023A Split Core Image, Expedition 370


The MSCL-I scans the surface of a split core and creates its digital image. The line scan camera equips three charge coupled devices (CCD). Light reflection from the sample surface passes through the lens and is split into three paths (red, green and blue) by a beam splitter inside the line scan camera. Then, each reflection is detected by the corresponding CCD. Finally, the signals are combined and the digital image is reproduced. Optical distortion in the down-core direction is avoided by the precise movement of the camera. The spatial resolution is 100 pixels per cm. The software convergence applies a correction that compensates for any minor mechanical differences among the CCD responses. Black and White (B+W) calibration compensates for pixel-to-pixel response variation, uneven lighting, and lens effects. Lenses tend to darken the edges of the field of view.

Image file

The filename of a ZIP file consists of section identifier.

lost data

Split section images for some sections were mistaken to archive while they were measured. Empty files whose names end with .lost indicate such sections.

Data Index

See also data in the J-CORES database for the same hole to refer related information.

Section Raw Image (length in bytes)
C0023A-1F-1 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-1F-CC tif.zip (14M)
C0023A-2F-1 tif.zip (56M)
C0023A-2F-CC tif.zip (7.0M)
C0023A-3F-1 tif.zip (77M)
C0023A-3F-2 tif.zip (29M)
C0023A-3F-CC tif.zip (23M)
C0023A-4F-1 tif.zip (38M)
C0023A-4F-2 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-4F-CC tif.zip (25M)
C0023A-5F-1 tif.zip (60M)
C0023A-5F-3 tif.zip (24M)
C0023A-5F-CC tif.zip (17M)
C0023A-6F-1 tif.zip (8.0M)
C0023A-6F-2 tif.zip (65M)
C0023A-6F-CC tif.zip (7.1M)
C0023A-7X-1 tif.zip (38M)
C0023A-7X-2 tif.zip (67M)
C0023A-7X-3 tif.zip (78M)
C0023A-7X-4 tif.zip (60M)
C0023A-7X-5 tif.zip (83M)
C0023A-7X-CC tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-8F-1 tif.zip (23M)
C0023A-8F-CC tif.zip (21M)
C0023A-9F-1 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-9F-CC tif.zip (14M)
C0023A-10F-1 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-10F-2 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-10F-CC tif.zip (15M)
C0023A-11F-1 tif.zip (35M)
C0023A-11F-CC tif.zip (26M)
C0023A-12F-1 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-13F-1 tif.zip (32M)
C0023A-13F-CC tif.zip (12M)
C0023A-14X-1 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-14X-3 tif.zip (19M)
C0023A-14X-CC tif.zip (24M)
C0023A-15F-1 tif.zip (8.5M)
C0023A-15F-CC tif.zip (30M)
C0023A-16R-1 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-16R-4 tif.zip (53M)
C0023A-16R-5 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-16R-6 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-16R-7 tif.zip (81M)
C0023A-16R-CC tif.zip (19M)
C0023A-17R-1 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-17R-2 tif.zip (62M)
C0023A-17R-CC tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-18R-2 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-18R-3 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-18R-4 tif.zip (60M)
C0023A-18R-5 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-18R-6 tif.zip (53M)
C0023A-18R-7 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-18R-CC tif.zip (19M)
C0023A-19R-1 tif.zip (38M)
C0023A-19R-2 tif.zip (57M)
C0023A-19R-3 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-19R-4 tif.zip (58M)
C0023A-19R-5 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-19R-6 tif.zip (65M)
C0023A-19R-7 tif.zip (75M)
C0023A-19R-CC tif.zip (20M)
C0023A-20R-1 tif.zip (55M)
C0023A-20R-3 tif.zip (45M)
C0023A-20R-5 tif.zip (55M)
C0023A-20R-CC tif.zip (16M)
C0023A-21R-1 tif.zip (64M)
C0023A-21R-2 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-21R-4 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-21R-5 tif.zip (72M)
C0023A-21R-CC tif.zip (14M)
C0023A-22R-1 tif.zip (66M)
C0023A-22R-2 tif.zip (66M)
C0023A-22R-3 tif.zip (25M)
C0023A-22R-4 tif.zip (74M)
C0023A-22R-5 tif.zip (55M)
C0023A-22R-6 tif.zip (29M)
C0023A-22R-7 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-22R-8 tif.zip (61M)
C0023A-22R-CC tif.zip (16M)
C0023A-23R-1 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-23R-3 tif.zip (61M)
C0023A-23R-4 tif.zip (64M)
C0023A-23R-5 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-23R-CC tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-24R-1 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-24R-2 tif.zip (35M)
C0023A-24R-4 tif.zip (32M)
C0023A-24R-5 tif.zip (69M)
C0023A-24R-6 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-24R-7 tif.zip (55M)
C0023A-24R-8 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-24R-9 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-24R-CC tif.zip (21M)
C0023A-25R-1 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-25R-4 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-25R-5 tif.zip (75M)
C0023A-25R-6 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-25R-7 tif.zip (73M)
C0023A-25R-CC tif.zip (14M)
C0023A-26R-1 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-26R-2 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-26R-3 tif.zip (73M)
C0023A-26R-5 tif.zip (35M)
C0023A-26R-6 tif.zip (71M)
C0023A-26R-7 tif.zip (56M)
C0023A-26R-8 tif.zip (19M)
C0023A-26R-CC tif.zip (14M)
C0023A-27R-1 tif.zip (28M)
C0023A-27R-2 tif.zip (46M)
C0023A-27R-CC tif.zip (13M)
C0023A-29R-1 tif.zip (31M)
C0023A-29R-2 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-29R-CC tif.zip (11M)
C0023A-30R-1 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-30R-2 tif.zip (39M)
C0023A-30R-3 tif.zip (46M)
C0023A-30R-CC tif.zip (9.0M)
C0023A-31R-1 tif.zip (67M)
C0023A-31R-2 tif.zip (45M)
C0023A-31R-3 tif.zip (39M)
C0023A-31R-4 tif.zip (69M)
C0023A-31R-5 tif.zip (71M)
C0023A-31R-6 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-31R-7 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-32R-1 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-32R-3 tif.zip (43M)
C0023A-33R-1 tif.zip (8.4M)
C0023A-33R-2 tif.zip (77M)
C0023A-33R-3 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-33R-4 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-33R-5 tif.zip (79M)
C0023A-33R-6 tif.zip (78M)
C0023A-33R-7 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-33R-8 tif.zip (70M)
C0023A-33R-CC tif.zip (27M)
C0023A-34R-1 tif.zip (25M)
C0023A-34R-2 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-34R-CC tif.zip (7.5M)
C0023A-35R-1 tif.zip (64M)
C0023A-35R-2 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-35R-5 tif.zip (38M)
C0023A-35R-6 tif.zip (65M)
C0023A-35R-CC tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-36R-1 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-36R-2 tif.zip (43M)
C0023A-36R-3 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-36R-4 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-36R-5 tif.zip (68M)
C0023A-36R-7 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-36R-8 tif.zip (70M)
C0023A-37R-1 tif.zip (7.2M)
C0023A-37R-2 tif.zip (26M)
C0023A-37R-3 tif.zip (35M)
C0023A-37R-4 tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-37R-5 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-37R-6 tif.zip (17M)
C0023A-37R-CC tif.zip (14M)
C0023A-38R-1 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-38R-2 tif.zip (29M)
C0023A-38R-5 tif.zip (78M)
C0023A-38R-6 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-38R-7 tif.zip (61M)
C0023A-38R-CC tif.zip (7.8M)
C0023A-39R-1 tif.zip (69M)
C0023A-39R-2 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-39R-3 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-39R-4 tif.zip (31M)
C0023A-39R-6 tif.zip (23M)
C0023A-40R-1 tif.zip (40M)
C0023A-40R-2 tif.zip (65M)
C0023A-40R-3 tif.zip (66M)
C0023A-40R-4 tif.zip (77M)
C0023A-40R-5 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-40R-6 tif.zip (79M)
C0023A-40R-7 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-40R-CC tif.zip (18M)
C0023A-41R-1 tif.zip (80M)
C0023A-41R-2 tif.zip (30M)
C0023A-41R-4 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-41R-5 tif.zip (81M)
C0023A-41R-6 tif.zip (56M)
C0023A-41R-7 tif.zip (38M)
C0023A-41R-8 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-41R-9 tif.zip (32M)
C0023A-41R-CC tif.zip (14M)
C0023A-42R-1 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-42R-2 tif.zip (73M)
C0023A-42R-3 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-42R-4 tif.zip (81M)
C0023A-42R-CC tif.zip (30M)
C0023A-43R-1 tif.zip (63M)
C0023A-43R-2 tif.zip (65M)
C0023A-43R-4 tif.zip (65M)
C0023A-43R-5 tif.zip (61M)
C0023A-43R-6 tif.zip (78M)
C0023A-43R-7 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-43R-8 tif.zip (62M)
C0023A-43R-CC tif.zip (24M)
C0023A-44R-1 tif.zip (11M)
C0023A-44R-4 tif.zip (36M)
C0023A-44R-5 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-44R-6 tif.zip (75M)
C0023A-44R-7 tif.zip (62M)
C0023A-44R-8 tif.zip (68M)
C0023A-44R-9 tif.zip (75M)
C0023A-44R-10 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-44R-CC tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-45R-1 tif.zip (39M)
C0023A-45R-2 tif.zip (81M)
C0023A-45R-3 tif.zip (24M)
C0023A-45R-CC tif.zip (8.6M)
C0023A-46R-1 tif.zip (46M)
C0023A-46R-2 tif.zip (77M)
C0023A-46R-3 tif.zip (71M)
C0023A-46R-4 tif.zip (34M)
C0023A-46R-CC tif.zip (19M)
C0023A-47R-1 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-47R-2 tif.zip (65M)
C0023A-47R-3 tif.zip (74M)
C0023A-47R-4 tif.zip (29M)
C0023A-47R-CC tif.zip (23M)
C0023A-48R-1 tif.zip (36M)
C0023A-48R-2 tif.zip (66M)
C0023A-48R-3 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-48R-4 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-48R-CC tif.zip (26M)
C0023A-49R-2 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-49R-3 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-49R-4 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-49R-CC tif.zip (13M)
C0023A-50R-1 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-50R-3 tif.zip (58M)
C0023A-50R-4 tif.zip (45M)
C0023A-50R-5 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-50R-6 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-50R-CC tif.zip (19M)
C0023A-51R-1 tif.zip (69M)
C0023A-51R-2 tif.zip (53M)
C0023A-51R-3 tif.zip (66M)
C0023A-51R-4 tif.zip (23M)
C0023A-51R-CC tif.zip (12M)
C0023A-52R-2 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-54R-CC tif.zip (17M)
C0023A-55R-1 tif.zip (40M)
C0023A-55R-2 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-55R-3 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-56R-1 tif.zip (66M)
C0023A-56R-3 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-56R-4 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-56R-5 tif.zip (56M)
C0023A-57R-1 tif.zip (67M)
C0023A-57R-2 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-57R-3 tif.zip (28M)
C0023A-57R-CC tif.zip (20M)
C0023A-58R-1 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-58R-2 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-59R-1 tif.zip (43M)
C0023A-59R-2 tif.zip (31M)
C0023A-59R-3 tif.zip (27M)
C0023A-59R-4 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-59R-5 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-59R-CC tif.zip (19M)
C0023A-60R-3 tif.zip (57M)
C0023A-60R-CC tif.zip (13M)
C0023A-61R-1 tif.zip (32M)
C0023A-61R-2 tif.zip (74M)
C0023A-61R-3 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-61R-4 tif.zip (30M)
C0023A-62R-2 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-62R-3 tif.zip (34M)
C0023A-63R-1 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-63R-2 tif.zip (72M)
C0023A-64R-1 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-64R-CC tif.zip (17M)
C0023A-65R-1 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-65R-2 tif.zip (53M)
C0023A-66R-2 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-66R-3 tif.zip (34M)
C0023A-66R-4 tif.zip (29M)
C0023A-67R-2 tif.zip (43M)
C0023A-67R-3 tif.zip (36M)
C0023A-68R-1 tif.zip (45M)
C0023A-69R-1 tif.zip (27M)
C0023A-69R-2 tif.zip (36M)
C0023A-70R-1 tif.zip (14M)
C0023A-71R-1 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-71R-2 tif.zip (79M)
C0023A-71R-3 tif.zip (40M)
C0023A-71R-CC tif.zip (11M)
C0023A-72R-2 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-72R-CC tif.zip (12M)
C0023A-73R-CC tif.zip (13M)
C0023A-74R-1 tif.zip (6.5M)
C0023A-75R-1 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-76R-1 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-76R-2 tif.zip (35M)
C0023A-77R-1 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-77R-2 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-78R-1 tif.zip (12M)
C0023A-78R-2 tif.zip (55M)
C0023A-78R-3 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-79R-1 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-79R-2 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-79R-3 tif.zip (70M)
C0023A-79R-4 tif.zip (20M)
C0023A-80R-1 tif.zip (46M)
C0023A-80R-2 tif.zip (46M)
C0023A-80R-3 tif.zip (82M)
C0023A-80R-4 tif.zip (76M)
C0023A-80R-5 tif.zip (69M)
C0023A-80R-6 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-80R-7 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-80R-CC tif.zip (21M)
C0023A-81R-1 tif.zip (73M)
C0023A-81R-2 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-81R-4 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-81R-5 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-81R-6 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-81R-7 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-81R-8 tif.zip (25M)
C0023A-81R-CC tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-82R-1 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-82R-2 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-82R-3 tif.zip (46M)
C0023A-82R-CC tif.zip (15M)
C0023A-83R-2 tif.zip (57M)
C0023A-83R-4 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-83R-CC tif.zip (20M)
C0023A-84R-1 tif.zip (71M)
C0023A-84R-2 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-84R-4 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-84R-5 tif.zip (21M)
C0023A-84R-6 tif.zip (80M)
C0023A-84R-7 tif.zip (75M)
C0023A-84R-CC tif.zip (17M)
C0023A-85R-1 tif.zip (56M)
C0023A-85R-3 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-85R-4 tif.zip (71M)
C0023A-85R-CC tif.zip (12M)
C0023A-86R-1 tif.zip (16M)
C0023A-86R-2 tif.zip (62M)
C0023A-86R-3 tif.zip (65M)
C0023A-87R-1 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-87R-3 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-87R-4 tif.zip (64M)
C0023A-87R-5 tif.zip (76M)
C0023A-87R-6 tif.zip (64M)
C0023A-87R-7 tif.zip (45M)
C0023A-88R-1 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-88R-2 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-88R-3 tif.zip (38M)
C0023A-88R-4 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-88R-5 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-88R-CC tif.zip (29M)
C0023A-89R-1 tif.zip (75M)
C0023A-89R-2 tif.zip (73M)
C0023A-89R-5 tif.zip (67M)
C0023A-89R-6 tif.zip (71M)
C0023A-89R-CC tif.zip (21M)
C0023A-90R-1 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-90R-3 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-90R-4 tif.zip (55M)
C0023A-90R-5 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-90R-CC tif.zip (17M)
C0023A-91R-1 tif.zip (5.6M)
C0023A-91R-2 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-91R-3 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-91R-4 tif.zip (34M)
C0023A-91R-5 tif.zip (77M)
C0023A-91R-6 tif.zip (63M)
C0023A-91R-7 tif.zip (58M)
C0023A-91R-8 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-91R-9 tif.zip (79M)
C0023A-91R-CC tif.zip (27M)
C0023A-92R-1 tif.zip (78M)
C0023A-92R-4 tif.zip (79M)
C0023A-92R-5 tif.zip (75M)
C0023A-93R-1 tif.zip (30M)
C0023A-93R-2 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-93R-3 tif.zip (40M)
C0023A-93R-4 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-93R-6 tif.zip (53M)
C0023A-93R-7 tif.zip (36M)
C0023A-93R-8 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-93R-9 tif.zip (66M)
C0023A-93R-10 tif.zip (20M)
C0023A-93R-CC tif.zip (25M)
C0023A-94R-1 tif.zip (35M)
C0023A-94R-4 tif.zip (67M)
C0023A-94R-5 tif.zip (40M)
C0023A-94R-6 tif.zip (80M)
C0023A-94R-7 tif.zip (69M)
C0023A-94R-8 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-94R-CC tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-95R-1 tif.zip (53M)
C0023A-95R-3 tif.zip (34M)
C0023A-95R-4 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-95R-5 tif.zip (81M)
C0023A-95R-6 tif.zip (46M)
C0023A-95R-CC tif.zip (14M)
C0023A-96R-1 tif.zip (66M)
C0023A-96R-2 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-96R-3 tif.zip (35M)
C0023A-96R-4 tif.zip (75M)
C0023A-96R-6 tif.zip (77M)
C0023A-96R-7 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-96R-8 tif.zip (45M)
C0023A-96R-9 tif.zip (42M)
C0023A-96R-CC tif.zip (17M)
C0023A-97R-1 tif.zip (57M)
C0023A-97R-2 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-97R-3 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-97R-5 tif.zip (67M)
C0023A-97R-6 tif.zip (68M)
C0023A-97R-7 tif.zip (46M)
C0023A-97R-CC tif.zip (8.1M)
C0023A-98R-1 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-98R-2 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-98R-3 tif.zip (71M)
C0023A-98R-4 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-98R-5 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-98R-6 tif.zip (34M)
C0023A-98R-7 tif.zip (40M)
C0023A-98R-8 tif.zip (60M)
C0023A-98R-9 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-98R-10 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-98R-CC tif.zip (24M)
C0023A-99R-1 tif.zip (34M)
C0023A-99R-2 tif.zip (37M)
C0023A-99R-3 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-99R-4 tif.zip (77M)
C0023A-99R-5 tif.zip (77M)
C0023A-99R-7 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-99R-8 tif.zip (58M)
C0023A-99R-CC tif.zip (27M)
C0023A-100R-1 tif.zip (21M)
C0023A-100R-4 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-100R-5 tif.zip (53M)
C0023A-100R-6 tif.zip (63M)
C0023A-100R-CC tif.zip (19M)
C0023A-101R-1 tif.zip (7.9M)
C0023A-101R-4 tif.zip (67M)
C0023A-101R-5 tif.zip (62M)
C0023A-101R-7 tif.zip (66M)
C0023A-101R-8 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-101R-9 tif.zip (76M)
C0023A-101R-CC tif.zip (17M)
C0023A-102R-1 tif.zip (64M)
C0023A-102R-3 tif.zip (72M)
C0023A-102R-4 tif.zip (38M)
C0023A-102R-5 tif.zip (41M)
C0023A-102R-7 tif.zip (70M)
C0023A-102R-8 tif.zip (40M)
C0023A-103R-1 tif.zip (33M)
C0023A-103R-2 tif.zip (46M)
C0023A-103R-3 tif.zip (74M)
C0023A-103R-4 tif.zip (43M)
C0023A-103R-5 tif.zip (74M)
C0023A-103R-6 tif.zip (82M)
C0023A-103R-7 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-103R-8 tif.zip (84M)
C0023A-103R-CC tif.zip (21M)
C0023A-104R-1 tif.zip (31M)
C0023A-104R-2 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-104R-3 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-104R-4 tif.zip (29M)
C0023A-104R-5 tif.zip (47M)
C0023A-104R-7 tif.zip (44M)
C0023A-104R-8 tif.zip (61M)
C0023A-104R-CC tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-105R-1 tif.zip (62M)
C0023A-105R-2 tif.zip (45M)
C0023A-105R-3 tif.zip (50M)
C0023A-105R-CC tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-106R-1 tif.zip (63M)
C0023A-106R-2 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-106R-3 tif.zip (64M)
C0023A-106R-CC tif.zip (27M)
C0023A-107R-1 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-107R-2 tif.zip (52M)
C0023A-107R-3 tif.zip (34M)
C0023A-107R-5 tif.zip (51M)
C0023A-107R-CC tif.zip (22M)
C0023A-108R-1 tif.zip (54M)
C0023A-108R-3 tif.zip (82M)
C0023A-108R-4 tif.zip (59M)
C0023A-108R-CC tif.zip (25M)
C0023A-109R-1 tif.zip (76M)
C0023A-109R-2 tif.zip (45M)
C0023A-109R-CC tif.zip (35M)
C0023A-110R-1 tif.zip (48M)
C0023A-110R-2 tif.zip (49M)
C0023A-110R-3 tif.zip (35M)
C0023A-110R-4 tif.zip (81M)
C0023A-110R-CC tif.zip (21M)
C0023A-111R-1 tif.zip (26M)
C0023A-111R-CC tif.zip (24M)
C0023A-112R-1 tif.zip (24M)
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