Hole C0019B Well Logging, Expedition 343

MWD/LWD (TeleScope, arcVISION and geoVISION) Run1 (8-1/2" hole), Run2 (Repeat session upward), Run3 (Repeat session upward), and Run4 (Repeat session upward, confirm mud line) for Hole C0019B


The well log is a record of one or more physical measurements as a function of depth in a borehole (From “Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics”). To measure the various values at once, one or more sondes comprise a tool string. Formation evaluation, lithological classification, and other geological interpretations are carried out from the logging curves or crossplots.

CDEX Well Logging Service Catalog

Digital Log Data and Graphics Format

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Data Index

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Original/ProcessedType DataTypeFileNameSizeFormatRemark
PROCESSEDDATAFinal forms of numerical databulk-well-logging.csvCSVIncluded by J-CORES Bulk Exported file set
ORIGINAL DATA (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_SurveyReport.xls 28K XLS MWD
ORIGINAL DATA RecordedMemory 343_C0019B_Run1_MWD_geoVISION_HzNative.html 96K HTML Run1_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD (arcVISION) (geoVISION)
ORIGINAL DATA (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run1_MWD_geoVISION_HzNative.dlis 167M DLIS Run1_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL DATA (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run2_MWD_geoVISION_ReamUp1.dlis 27M DLIS Run2_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL DATA (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run3_MWD_geoVISION_ReamUp2.dlis 37M DLIS Run3_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL DATA (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run4_MWD_geoVISION_ReamUp3.dlis 32M DLIS Run4_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL DATA (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run1_MWD_geoVISION.las 1.9M LAS Run1_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL DATA (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run2_MWD_geoVISION_ReamUp1.las 104K LAS Run2_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL DATA (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run3_MWD_geoVISION_ReamUp2.las 124K LAS Run3_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL DATA (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run4_MWD_geoVISION_ReamUp3.las 132K LAS Run4_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL PLOTS (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run1_MWD_geoVISION_MD200.pdf 7.8M PDF Run1_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL PLOTS (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run1_MWD_geoVISION_MD500.pdf 4.1M PDF Run1_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL PLOTS (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run1_MWD_geoVISION_TVD200.pdf 7.8M PDF Run1_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL PLOTS (arcVISION) (geoVISION) 343_C0019B_Run1_MWD_geoVISION_TVD500.pdf 4.1M PDF Run1_MWD (TeleScope)_LWD
ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS LWD 343_C0019B_data_memo.txt 4.0K TXT CDEX
PROCESSED DATA (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_Run1_MWD_geoVISION_mbsf.dlis 167M DLIS Run1_MWD
PROCESSED DATA (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_Run1_MWD_geoVISION_mbsf.las 1.7M LAS Run1_MWD
PROCESSED DATA (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_Run2_MWD_geoVISION_ReamUp1_mbsf.las 108K LAS Run2_MWD
PROCESSED DATA (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_Run3_MWD_geoVISION_ReamUp2_mbsf.las 120K LAS Run3_MWD
PROCESSED DATA (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_Run4_MWD_geoVISION_ReamUp3_mbsf.las 108K LAS Run4_MWD
PROCESSED DATA ECAL by GVR inversion 343_C0019B_GVRInversion_mbsf.txt 916K TXT CDEX
PROCESSED DOCUMENTS ECAL by GVR inversion 343_C0019B_GVRInversion_processing_memo.pdf 452K PDF CDEX
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_20_Deep_Dynamic.zip 34M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_20_Deep_Static.zip 29M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_20_Medium_Dynamic.zip 34M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_20_Medium_Static.zip 29M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_20_Shallow_Dynamic.zip 33M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_20_Shallow_Static.zip 26M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_100_Deep_Dynamic.zip 26M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_100_Deep_Static.zip 22M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_100_Medium_Dynamic.zip 25M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_100_Medium_Static.zip 22M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_100_Shallow_Dynamic.zip 25M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED PLOTS (TeleScope)_LWD 343_C0019B_geoVISION_100_Shallow_Static.zip 20M ZIP Run1_MWD
PROCESSED DOCUMENTS Processing 343_C0019B_Image_processing_note.doc 32K DOC CDEX
PROCESSED DOCUMENTS Processing 343_C0019B_Image_processing_note.pdf 40K PDF CDEX
Center of Deep Earth Exploration, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology